Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a very common condition in the UK and contrary to the popular belief it affects people of all ages. It’s not unusual to lose your hearing as you get older, but children can also be affected. Your hearing loss could have a clear cause, such as glue ear in children, or you may need further investigations, such as a hearing test, in order to diagnose the cause of your less of hearing. There’s so many things that can cause hearing loss, including your age, infections, blockages such as earwax and also damage to your eardrum. The correct treatment for your hearing loss depends on a number of factors, and with some conditions no treatment is required, and your hearing will return on its own. Here are some of the most common causes of hearing loss:


Infections are one of the main causes of hearing loss. Most infections clear up on their own and you probably won’t need to do anything except take paracetamol to help any pain or fever. If an infection doesn’t clear up then antibiotics may help.

In some cases, the infection may spread to a space inside the middle ear called the mastoid cavity. If this area becomes infected it may cause hearing loss. Occasionally, the infection can lead to a skin growth in the ear. If this happens, then a surgery (known as mastoid surgery or mastoidectomy) may be needed to remove the infection or skin growth. This is a routine surgery so you should not be worried.


Blockages in the ear are also a common cause of hearing loss. The blockage may be a build up of mucus or fluid – often caused by an infection – or it may be earwax. Our specialists will look inside your ears using a small hand-held device with a light on the end (called an otoscope). This is a fast and painless examination, so you shouldn’t be worried.

Blockages caused by an infection will usually disappear when the infection passes. But, our specialists can also remove blockages using microsuction. This is a gentle and safe treatment that we do here at Ent-London.

Hearing loss caused by age or damage to the inner ear

It’s not usual to experience hearing loss as we get older. But, damage to your inner ear can also affect your hearing and even loud noises can have an affect.

In many cases hearing aids can be very helpful for managing your hearing loss. Hearing aids have improved significantly over the last decade. Some of the latest designs can only be seen by looking directly into the ear and are comfortable and safe to wear. If we feel that you would benefit from the use of a hearing aid we will advise you on the best types for you.

Whatever the cause of your hearing loss, our specialists will be able to help you. We will discuss your symptoms in detail and will carry out routine tests and examinations to understand the cause of your condition and suggest the appropriate treatments for you.